Other Goodies 

Here at Su Casa Boutique you can find goodies such as papers, dugouts, one hitters, ceramic pipes, grinders, rolling trays, hookahs, digital scales, proto pipes, the journey 2 pipe, monkey pipes, cigarette cases, hip flasks, leather wallets, zippo lighters, zippo fluid, vector butane, wall tapestries, beaded curtains, Mary Jane Smoke Wear apparel, hats, tie dye t-shirts,  greeting cards, buttons, dime bags, tasty puff, pollen presses, patchouli oil,  black light posters, 420 pipe cleaner, incense holders, huge selection of incense (not k2), nag champa, meerschaum pipes, an extensive line of detoxifiers and a very knowledgeable staff.  We have Petoskey stone pipes, onyx pipes, toke stones, wood pipes, metal pipes, femo pipes, glow in the dark and many more.

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